Highland beef at its best!

“The best beef in the world... mind blowingly good!”

"The best beef in the world!" ... so said Cary Docherty, former Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Foxtrot Oscar, and now head chef at Jason Atherton's Little Social Restaurant in Mayfair. We were absolutely thrilled that he thought so highly of the beef we had taken such care to produce.

The Highlander is a magnificent animal that produces outstanding meat. This native Scottish breed is naturally reared to produce beef that is lean and tender, full of flavour and unsurpassed in quality. Slower maturing than most breeds Highland Beef is a distinctly flavoured, well marbled meat that is second to none.

Our fold of 180 Highlanders freely roam spectacular Scottish hillsides and wild coastal stretches, taming the rugged landscape with their gentle grazing. Their long, stress free lives create beautifully marbled meat which we hang traditionally for four weeks to develop an exquisite flavour that is unique to Barlochan Highland Beef.